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Ashley Lee is the host of The Financial Key Podcast, a podcast that helps millennials uncover the keys to financial independence. Ashley is a money coach and personal finance enthusiast that empowers others to pay off debt, save money, and build generational wealth. Ashley’s passion for personal finance started during her own debt-free journey of paying off over $40,000 of debt in 22 months. Ashley understands the weight and anxiety debt can bring after losing her job and living off of credit cards for nearly 6 months. Ashley’s mission now is to normalize money conversations among millennials and minority communities. Ashley is a graduate of the University of Kentucky and Marymount University. Ashley is a native of Kentucky but currently resides in the Washington DC area where she works to find the balance between her small town roots and east coast living. 

Professional Bio

I am self-proclaimed money nerd so anything personal finance related, I'm your girl!

Here are the topics I commonly I speak on:

 ✔ Student loans 
 ✔ Debt free journey
 ✔ Debt payoff strategy 
 ✔ Money management 
 ✔ Money and BIPOC audiences 

Topics I Speak on

Episode 54 on The Winning To Wealth Podcast

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